Luther College Music FAQs FAQs from Music Reason Luther College, 2020 When will I hear back about my scholarship audition results? <p>When you hear back is determined by where you are in the admissions process.</p> <p>If your audition occurs AFTER acceptance, you will receive a letter notification in the mail (approximately 4 weeks after your audition date).</p> <p>If your audition occurs BEFORE acceptance, your music scholarship award information will be included and sent approximately four weeks after receipt of all admission materials. &nbsp;</p> <p>Music scholarship awards are also included in your financial aid award letter which are mailed later in the year. When students indicate an intention to audition, all financial aid award letters are held until scholarship auditions have been completed.</p> <p>If your admission materials have been submitted, it has been more than four weeks since your audition and you have not received notification, please contact <a href="">Jana Vorvick</a> for assistance.&nbsp;</p> Are live auditions preferred? <p>Yes. Live auditions are strongly preferred. Luther auditions are structured like a mini lesson and having an in-person interaction with our <a title="Faculty" href="//">music faculty</a> works in the best interest of the student. On-campus auditions also give you a chance to see our <a title="Facilities" href="//">facilities</a>. Luther College also offers <a title="Scholarship Audition Dates" href="//">off-site audition</a> dates in the <a title="Off-Site Audition, Twin Cities, MN ">Twin Cities Area in Minnesota</a>. If coming to campus is not an option, you may send in a <a title="Scholarship Audition Dates" href="//">recording</a>.</p> If I audition before a certain date, will I have a better chance of getting more scholarship money? <p>No. Your audition is based on your talent and potential as a student musician. Typically students apply during the fall of their senior year, receive acceptance and then <a href="">schedule an audition</a> for either an individual date or during one of our visit events, such as the <a title="Christmas at Luther" href="//">Christmas at Luther</a> Visit Event or other <a title="Scholarship Audition Dates" href="//">scholarship audition</a> events.</p> Do I need to bring an accompanist? <p>Please refer to each individual instrument <a title="Scholarship Auditions" href="//">requirements</a>.</p> <p>For instrumentalist, some faculty do not require an accompanist and some prefer to have an accompanist.</p> <p>For vocalist, students do not need to bring an accompanist to the audition.&nbsp; There will be a pianist for the audition (typically the faculty member hearing the audition), though there will not be a rehearsal with the pianist prior to the audition. Please bring a copy of the music (in the key performed if possible).</p> As an instrumentalist, do I need to bring an extra copy of my music? <p>No. &nbsp;As it is with most wind/string instrument auditions you are not performing for a panel of faculty. <a title="Faculty" href="//">Faculty</a> will be sitting near you and maybe even next to you. No need for extra music.</p> Will my scholarship audition be used for an ensemble placement audition? <p>No. First-year auditions for <a title="Ensembles" href="//">ensemble</a> placement happen in the fall after you arrive on campus.</p> Are there warm-up spaces? <p>Most of our practice rooms are unlocked and available for you to use before your audition. Regardless if you audition during an individual visit or during a visit event, your schedule will allow you at least 15 minutes in your schedule to warm up before your audition. If you are auditioning on percussion or organ, we will work with the Music Department staff to unlock the appropriate studio for your warm up.</p> How do I choose my audition piece? <p>See specific <a title="Scholarship Auditions" href="//">requirements</a> for each instrument. Keep in mind your selections should demonstrate your musicianship, tone quality, articulation and technical ability. We want you to prepare material that represents you at your musical best!</p> Will I be auditioning on stage in front of a committee? <p>Auditions typically happen in a faculty’s studio with one <a title="Faculty" href="//">faculty</a> member. He or she will listen and work with you to get to know you better as a musician and student. Auditioning is a great way to begin to feel comfortable with the wonderful faculty we have in our music department.</p>